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UW Advance is customized to the needs of your university and its students. We are happy to design a program to incorporate site visits, workshops, courses, community engagement, and service learning opportunities for a variety of fields. In addition to thematic curriculum, we handle all wrap-around service to provide a truly exceptional experience: airport pick up, in-programming transportation, room & board, meal plans, and cultural programming.

Our team can offer optional English as a Second Language courses to further students’ ability to critically examine and complement the academic area of focus.

Download a sample UW Advance schedule and contact Program Director, Christine Inthachith at to design a customized program.

Additional UW Advance topics


Holistic exposure to education in the U.S. In addition to faculty workshops, participants engage with UW students in interactive seminars, observe primary school classrooms, and prepare lesson plans for instruction.

Student in class


Exploration of agricultural practices. Students engage in topic study and discussion with student organizations, visit a farm to discuss livestock and crop management, tour the veterinary school, and visit crop research stations.


Leadership and Innovation

Study innovative programs through an interdisciplinary lens. Students visit organizations with innovative initiatives, then design their own projects. They also engage in workshops to hone leadership and teamwork skills.

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Learn what makes a business successful. Students prepare a sales pitch, identify markets, and develop marketing strategies. On site visits, students learn about fields of law & entrepreneurship, marketing, sales, and international business.

Presenter giving lecture about how to build networking confidence

Math Education

Exploration of best practices and trends in Mathematics Education. Engage with UW faculty, staff and students in interactive seminars, workshops and social activities.

Student at Law School

Customized theme

Design a customized theme for your student group.

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