The University of Wisconsin-Madison is a top-ranked American university known for its academics, influential research and faculty, a beautiful lakeside setting, a global network of alumni, and a welcoming atmosphere for international students. Our Precollege programs offer high school students an authentic college experience in a city renowned for its warmth and friendliness.

Through a balance of university workshops, optional English courses, campus activities, recreational & service activities, and cultural events, students get a first-hand look and feel of life as a university student in the United States.

There is no better way to spend your summer than becoming part of the UW-Madison Badger community and living the college experience here in Wisconsin!

Badger Precollege and Youth Programs

"It was one of the best experiences in my life. It changed my life because I grew a lot as a person and I discovered a lot of things. I really learned a lot about how university works in the US, and how awesome this university is and that I would really love to study in UW-Madison."

Yinaré, Chile, EdUSA Student