UW Advance Intensive English Bootcamp

Program Introduction

UW–Madison is well equipped to facilitate learning that is instrumental in helping you achieve academic and personal enrichment in both the in-person and virtual arenas. This online academic preparation and English communication course will incorporate several outstanding resources on UW-Madison’s campus to engage you and provide you with interactive and informative course content.

Program Features

  • English courses to refine your high-intermediate+ skills and build confidence through presentations, debate, discussions, and analysis
  • Develop (virtual) connections with local UW–Madison students and staff through discussions in English and Q&A sessions
  • Discussions about the United States’ culture and customs
  • Access to UW-Madison’s information technology programs, including Canvas, library services, and video communication platforms
  • Virtual social and cultural activities
  • Instruction by experienced and well-qualified faculty and teaching staff

UW Advance Sample Certificate

Program at a glance

Who: International undergraduate students
English Level: Intermediate or higher
When: TBD
Cost: TBD

Japanese house

Explore Madison and hear from past students

“In this program, I could practice presentation in English and this was very good experience for me. This program inspired me that I will present in International conferences.”


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