UW Advance program

The University of Wisconsin-Madison is a top-ranked American university known for its academics, influential research and faculty, a beautiful lakeside setting, a global network of alumni, and a welcoming atmosphere for international students. UW Advance offers 2-5 week noncredit programs throughout the year to college-aged international students.

Program objectives

  • Provides a high-quality learning experience at a world-class institution
  • Helps improve written and conversational English
  • Enhances learning of trends in your field
  • Explores cutting-edge technologies in and outside of the classroom

Program Topics

Data Analytics

Engage in interdisciplinary applications of data in the fields of biostatistics, medicine, software development, gaming, and more. Connect with experts in the fields through workshops and site visits to local companies.

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Global Environmental Perspectives

Prepare for global challenges in food systems, forest and wildlife ecology and environmental policy. Collaborate with local non-governmental organizations, faculty and students from the U.S. and Latin America to learn about conservation in practice.


Interested in customizing a program for your student group?

Our office can customize a 2-5 week UW Advance program to meet the needs of your group. In addition to thematic content, each UW Advance can include optional ESL courses to help students critically examine and discuss thematic content.

Learn more about creating a customized UW Advance program

“ I was surprised how hardworking the students are at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. This motivates me a lot. I have also obtained time-management skills, teamwork skills and friendships that will benefit my future studies and my life.”

Jiaqian (Carol) Fang, student from UW Advance Education Program

“There are so many activities after classes in this program that encouraged me to be more active and take initiative instead of being silent. This helped me to know more and learn more and also make more friends!”

Qingjie (Jenny) You, student from UW Advance Big Data Program

Frequently asked questions about UW Advance program

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Can I participate in a UW Advance program?

UW Advance programs are usually designed for closed groups, however UW Advance Data Analytics and UW Advance Agriculture Economics are typically open to individual students. For individual student inquiries and enrollment, please contact us at

How long is the program?

UW Advance typically lasts two- to- five-weeks depending on the needs of the university.

Do I earn university credit?

No. Students do not earn credit, but they become familiar with the University of Wisconsin-Madison and its resources. If you are interested in taking credit courses, you can consider Visiting International Students Program-credit, a program for students who are not on a formal exchange program and wish to study at UW–Madison for Summer Term or longer.

Where will I stay?

You will live in a university residence hall on campus. Each of these rooms is air-conditioned and has a small refrigerator. A housekeeping service cleans shared bathrooms and common area each day at no cost.

What services and facilities can I use at the university?

UW Advance program students have access to university classrooms and other on-campus facilities such as cafes, recreational centers, computer labs, and the student activity center. They can also use the campus bus service.

Where are classes held?

Classes are held on the UW-Madison campus.

Is there access to computers and wireless internet?

Students have access to computer clusters and laboratories throughout the campus. These facilities range from informational kiosks to high-end workstations. Most residence halls have their own computer labs.

Are there accommodations for students with disabilities?

The university provides a full range of services and accommodations to assist students with disabilities. Upon acceptance into the UW Advance Program, students seeking assistance should contact us.

Are there ATMs on campus?


Are there vegetarian and vegan meal options in university dining?


Who do I contact for more program-specific questions?

Program Director: Christine Inthachith