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2019 precollege participants

2019 precollege participants

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ACE Digital Storytelling

2021 Featured Videos

Ana Vale, from Mexico

All About Me

Would you dare to feel the beauty?

Robson, from Brazil

What Am I Passionate About?

Rachel, from Nanjing, China


Andrew, from Taiwan

A Day in Andrew’s Life

Kelly, from Bejing, China

Kelly & 4 Things About Her

April, from Nanjing, China

Colorful April & Colorful Life

Marlen, from Mexico

Challenge Myself

Nicole, from Philippines

Reaching for the Stars

Lia, from Moldova

Shape of My Heart

The Beauty of Nature

2021 Summer at a Glance!

In the ACE 2021 Digital Storytelling virtual program, you will

  • Participate in 30 hours of live classes and activities
  • Immerse yourself in the digital world of compelling storytelling
  • Sharpen your English storytelling skills through instructor-led classes on power of language and effective script writing
  • Interact with your peers from around the world and current UW-Madison students
  • Enhance your video creation and editing skills through participating in workshops by media production experts at UW-Madison
  • Gain skills essential to applying for colleges in the US, such as script writing skills for your personal statement
  • Receive a certificate of completion

At the end of the 3 weeks, you will produce your personal portfolio of 5 videos to showcase your English storytelling skills. You may also use one of the videos as your college application video for colleges that accept video essays.

Sample Schedule       Lesson Objectives

Program at a glance

Who: TBD
When: TBD
Where: TBD

Cost: TBD

Stay tuned for future program dates!

Meet your instructors

Jing Xu

A TESOL and Creative Writing certified instructor, Jing has a BA and an MA in Economics from Brandeis University, with a background in Business, Marketing, TV production and Public Speaking. Through interdisciplinary teaching, Jing will guide you through the process of becoming a confident storyteller and connecting with your audience.

Check out Jing’s introduction video and sample teaching videos.

Instructor Bio         Teaching Philosophy

Marina Cavichiolo Grochocki

Marina is a PhD candidate in Classics. She is an international student with experience in teaching Portuguese and Latin at high school level in Brazil. She is now a Teaching Assistant in UW-Madison and works with undergraduate students. Marina is interested in language and literature teaching to students of all ages. She can read in different languages, such as Spanish, Italian, German, Latin, and Ancient Greek.

Marina will be the program and teaching assistant for ACE Digital Storytelling classes.

Cuixia Zhu

Cuixia (Trisha) was a PhD candidate in Communication Arts. She studied rhetoric and taught public speaking courses. Trisha loves to work with diverse student populations and learn from them the different cultural perspectives they bring to the table. In her spare time, she likes bird watching, cooking, decluttering and learning all kinds of new things.

Cuixia will be teaching “Informational Storytelling” and “The Power of Language”.

Faculty Guest Speakers

Professor Jeremy Morris

Jeremy Morris

Topic: Sound and how to tell stories with/through sounds

Recipient of 2021 Distinguished Teaching Award

Professor Eric Hoyt

Eric Hoyt

Topic: Using framing and lenses to express character and tell stories

Don Stanley

Topic: Effectively research your audience and make meaningful connections using social media

Sample Certificate

Past Precollege Participants

“The ACE Digital Storytelling Summer Program 2021 was a life-changing experience for me. It gave me a unique opportunity to connect with awesome and talented teenagers from all over the world. The faculty of UW-Madison is so engaging and passionate about teaching that we were truly inspired. What this program means to me cannot be transmitted by words, but I hope you get this experience for yourself, for I am sure you won’t regret [it]!”

2021 ACE Participant

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