ACE Digital Storytelling Student Feedback

Did you reach your goals for the program? 

“Yes, I wanted to gain skills and after this program I gained x10 of it.”

“Yes! I met a lot of interesting people and wonderful professor here.”

“Yes. I definitively reached my goal for the program. I was saying that to myself yesterday’s night, everything I thought the program would be, it was; and everything I thought it would benefits me, it did and more!”

“I totally think I did! I reached each one of my goals during the ACE Program.”

“Yes, I did! I created a nice video I could use for my application portfolio to US universities.”

“Yes. The program exceeded my expectations. I would not have thought I could achieve that much progress in just three weeks.”

“I reached my goal. I applied the key points of storytelling and formed some videos.”

“Yes, I know how to write some stories now and I have some great idea for my essay”

“Yes. I improved my English speaking and writing skills and gained many useful things about digital media.”

“I absolutely did! When I first started the program, I didn’t know my way around editing videos, using sounds, or following a sequence, but thanks to the program, I was able to identify my style and share my video with others.”

“My goal coming to the storytelling program is to become a sponge and absorb as much info as possible.”

“I reached my goals for the program since there was sufficient opportunities for us to practice writing scripts for self-intros, making videos. The teachers also provided comments to the assignments, which helps greatly with my learning experience.”

How has this online program impacted your life? How will you use this experience in the future?

“It’s my first time doing a summer program, and I am glad I did it with UW-Madison! I gained confidence, social intelligence, time management, editing, and communication skills. It has sparked a hobby that I will now forever like doing; filmmaking.”

“I learned a lot from the program. The professors and teachers inspired me and supported me.”

“The ACE Digital Storytelling Summer Program 2021 was a life-changing experience for me. It gave me a unique opportunity to connect with awesome and talented teenagers from all over the world. The faculty of UW-Madison is so engaging and passionate about teaching that we were truly inspired. What this program mean to me cannot be transmitted by words, but I hope you get this experience for yourself, for I am sure you won’t regret!”

“The ACE Digital Storytelling Program allowed me to rediscover myself. An experience that helped me grow not only in an academic aspect, but as a person. So grateful for the opportunity and the friends I made.”

“I found my own voice and got to know myself better with the help of this program.”

“The program helped me review my life, finding things that had influenced me. I would apply the skills that I had learned in the program and make more interesting videos.”

“By this program, I enhanced my English skills in a conversation. Also I got to know a lot about how to apply to a university.”

“This program taught me many inspiring ideas about digital storytelling, and provided professional suggestions on about university application.”

“My experience was wonderful. My editing skills and writing highly improved. I was surrounded by a support system, that guided me through my videos, and gave me great suggestions.”

“The program was an unexpected in a good way. In the beginning I thought the program was gonna be like any summer camp where we just do work, homework and some discussions. But this storytelling program is unique in my opinion with the amazing interactive and fun discussions I’m able to have with teachers, faculty members and students. The experience was ultimately rewarding despite staying up late at night to attend and the skills I acquired would be used for my future college applications and even jobs. Thank you.”

“The experience helped me realize that I have so much story to tell, from myself. As a student interested in writing, I oftentimes find it hard to tell a story about myself, believing that only writing fiction could produce a story interesting enough. Nevertheless, through seeing through my own timeline, gathering up events in my life that could motivate others, bring up emotions and most importantly, inspire myself to see how much I have accomplished. Not only is this course helpful in an academic point of view, learning more about the quality a university would like to see in an applicant; but also is it a chance to boost my confidence, to help me see the best version of myself and strive for better.”