UW Advance Agriculture Economics

Program Introduction

The UW Advance Agriculture Economics virtual program provides a three-week opportunity for undergraduate students to get a glimpse into the academic programs at UW-Madison.

Explore trends in the agricultural market. You’ll be introduced to agricultural and applied economics ways of thinking about a wide range of problems and issues. This program offers workshops applicable to any major under the theme of agricultural and applied economics and its impact on society. Engage with faculty and UW students through a wide variety of social activities to learn more about culture and community and build your network and friendships.

Program Highlights

  • Learn topics in Agricultural Economics by experienced and well-qualified faculty and teaching staff
  • Participate in workshops
  • Engage in English courses and refine your skills and build confidence through presentations, debate, discussions, and analysis
  • Connect with current UW-Madison Students
  • Explore UW-Madison through virtual campus tours
  • Interact with peers in virtual social and cultural activities

Included in the program:

  • Orientation and opening ceremony
  • Final project presentation
  • Closing ceremony
  • Certificate of participation
UW Advance AAE Sample Certificate

Sample Schedule

Featured faculty and topics

Jordan Van Rijn

Topic: Agricultural Economics in the U.S. Context

J. Lin Compton

Topic: Closing the Gap:  Science and Local Knowledge

Ian Coxhead

Interests: Economics of development. Globalization, trade, labor, education and environment, especially in East and Southeast Asia

Dave Marcouiller

Topic: Multi-Functional Rural Landscapes and Jointly Produce Outputs

Rachel Schumann

Farm and Industry Short Course (FISC) Program

Topic: Agriculture Business

Explore Madison and hear from past students

“The program really expanded my knowledge, and the Wisconsin Idea made me realize that the work we are doing is so valuable, and there is also so much we can do in the future.”


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