UW-Madison Experience by Amber

Hi guys, I’m Amber from China.

I joined the UW Advance Program for one month three years ago,and I’m going to share something with you about my experience.

I first saw the program information on my university’s website. When I saw it, I just thought, America, what a good chance! Then I searched on the Internet about what UW-Madison is, and I found she has the No.1 education major in the US, so I hoped that I could go there!

Fortunately, I passed all the tests and took my first 13-hour flight.

I really enjoyed my study in Madison, the ice-cream was so good! My class gave a lesson to students in VAIS School, there I saw the difference between education in China and America, which really impressed me.

Lastly, I want to say that if you are a freshman when you join this program, you need to consider what you want to learn during your study in Madison. Just make the best use of the resources you have there, I’m sure it’s a rare chance for you. Also, if you are not confident about your oral English, just speak more, don’t be shy, use the native speaking environment!

Wish all of you have a good time there!


Amber, 2017 UW Advance Education and Innovation

Madison Memory by Amber