Valuable Experiences in Madison by Hina

Hello! I’m Hina. I’m a sophomore of Osaka City University. I went to UW-Madison to study in September last year. I stayed there for only 2 weeks, but I experienced a lot of things. I would like to introduce some of them to you.

First, I made the State Capitol by 3D printer at Makerspace. I had never used 3D scanning and Laser Cutter until I visited UW-Madison. I was very excited when I went to Makerspace for the first time. It was a little difficult for me to understand how to create a 3D object, but very kind students who were there helped me to make that. It was the most valuable experience!!

Second, I learned the importance of trying. At first, I couldn’t understand what people in Madison said, so I was not able to speak English well. However, I met many respected people (especially Ms Sara, my English teacher) and I was taught that it doesn’t matter if you’re good or not, what’s important is to try and do your best. Then, I took an English class every day, and I actively spoke English!!

Finally, there were valuable experiences in UW-Madison. I think I could improve English a little. I love Madison♡ I will keep trying my best!! Thank you.

Hina, 2019 UW Advance Manufacturing and Innovation