Experience at UW Madison – Otoniel

1. Why you chose EducationUSA Academy at UW?

I didn’t have the opportunity to choose where to go and neither knew about UW, but I’m more than happy that I was able to participate there. It was one of my favorite experiences in my life. I fell in love with every single thing there.

2. What was the best part of the program for you?

I think everything was amazing. The workshops, the cultural activities, etc. But what I loved the most was the fact I was able to make new friends. I’m a very shy person, but there I felt really comfortable. And the other thing was the Engineering workshop and the Business game we played.

3.  What was coolest about Madison/Campus?

The people were really friendly. You can’t get bored there. There is so much you
can do at any time. The dorms where we stayed and the basketball courts in front of the dorms were amazing.

4. Any pleasant surprises or issues of culture shock that you experienced?

For me it has to be the mac and cheese pizza. I was not able to try it, but my friends said it was really good. And there was also a fair we went to were had different types of cheese and bread.

5.  How this experience has impacted you now that you are home?

I always saw the possibility to study in the U.S like an impossible thing for me. This program helped me realize that it isn’t like that at all. That there are plenty of opportunities for someone like that needs financial aid. I came home with only one goal: get a scholarship and study in the U.S., UW Madison if it is possible.

6. Advice you have for future students?

Don’t be afraid to share your opinion. Try to make new friends. Go open minded to every single workshop, they may surprise. When you feel you are tired and you can’t do anything, push yourself and participate or you’ll regret it. And most important, just be you and try to have fun.

EdUSA 2019 students with Bucky